ShprinkOne is a Bootstrap 3 responsive theme that can fit any screen (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop). Features a theme picker (more then 10 choices), a slideshow on the home page, posts as pins(masonry), infinite posts scroll, several Widget, Menu positions and multi language support.

Shprink One is Open Source and shared on GitHub


ShprinkOne offers plenty of options to create your blog just the way you want.

  • Front Page Slideshow (Select up to 5 posts to display)
  • Front Page layout (Loading more posts on scroll down, on click or basic WordPress pagination)
  • Theme customization (Select your style among 10+ free themes)
  • Layout customization (Sidebar-Content, Content-Sidebar or Content)
  • Custom Menus & Widgets (Several Widget an Menu position available)


ShprinkOne perfectly fits all screen sizes, from mobile phones to desktops.

  • Mobile phones (<768px)
  • Tablets (>=768px)
  • Medium desktops (>=992px)
  • Large desktops (>=1200px)


ShprinkOne uses state of the art plugins and libraries to create a unique and innovative user.

  • Bootstrap 3 support: By using ShprinkOne you have access to all Bootstrap 3‘s features (CSS classes, Components, JavaScript etc.)
  • jQuery: ShprinkOne uses jQuery as its JavaScript Framework. All jQuery APIs are therefore available
  • Posts as pins(Pinterest like) using Masonry
  • Infinite Scroll for all loop pages (Category, Tags, Home page etc.)
  • Font Awesome icon library(361 icons).
  • Previous and next post preview with side panels using Sidr


ShprinkOne is completely Free and under MIT license.

Open Sourced

ShprinkOne is open sourced and available on GitHub.

Multiple languages

ShprinkOne is translated into several languages.

  • English
  • French
  • Polish
  • Ukrainian
  • Basque
  • Spanish


  • New Lumen theme by bootswatch (now default theme)
  • Adding Italian translation
  • Adding slideshow for Tag and Categorie pages


  • New Valentine’s day theme by bootswatch: “Cupid”
  • Adding basque and spanish translation
  • Revamp admin page


  • Adding “Yeti” theme by bootswatch.

  • New header option: Adding/Removing the Home icon
  • New header option: Adding/Removing the RSS icon
  • New header option: Adding/Removing the Search box
  • Ukrainian translation
  • YARPP template
v2.0.1 officially released on WordPress

  • Bootstrap 3 support
  • Using Sidr to display Previous and Next posts.
  • Front Page layout customizable(Loading more posts on scroll down, on click or basic WordPress pagination)

  • Adding “Before Content “and “After Content” widget positions for Ads purpose.
  • Enhancing mobile slideshow accessibility.


  • Adding slideshow’s option: number of posts displayed
  • Adding slideshow’s option: copy slideshow posts within content
  • Redesigning loop posts to display category, tags and other meta on mouse hover.

  • Fixing the homepage when the number of posts <= number of posts in the slideshow.


  • Adding Flaty as the default template.
  • Adding a third level to all menus.
  • Adding “Previous” and “Next” buttons to posts.
  • Adding a specific “image.php” to display JPEG, GIF and PNG attachments.
  • CSS Non-breaking properties on Titles, Comments, Tags, Categories and Content.

If you are using ShprinkOne theme, please let me know and I will share a link here.

  • http://www.seturfashion.com/ seturfashion

    hi Julien. hope you are fine, i like your theme, as every body may said you.you have got good talent in this field. i am using your theme on my site http://www.seturfashion.com . if you dont mind,i need to ask a question. as i am using this theme,so on home page it shows unlimited scroll and three columns,.my question is that in each post at home page it shows a picture,and below picture shows title of post,and below title it shows some writing,whichever is in the post..so i want to remove this writing,or i want to decrease its length,may b upto one or two lines. so that pictures can come close to the post down .

    can you guide me.because you own its template..you know the best in it.

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

      Hi, thanks for the kind works :)

      It is really easy to customize your blog using the CSS textarea in the admin page of the theme.

      If you want to remove the text you can past this into it:

      .masonry-brick .post-content {



    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

      Hope it helps :) cheers

  • http://www.themesapiens.com/ Nika
  • http://www.themewanted.com/ Robert

    A wonderful theme. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Paolo Represión

    hello Jullien, your theme is just what I was looking for, but I need a detail, which is an effect of “corner stamp”, owned by JQuery Masonry, something equal to this website: http://ugsmag.com/, I mean wing exactly right column. Muchi appreciate your help. Greetings.

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

      I do not understand. What’s your question again?

  • http://douglangille.ca/ Doug Langille

    Hi, Julien! Still rocking this theme. :)

    Here’s a random one: what’s the best way to make the very first post in the posts/archive grid double-wide per attached?

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux


      You can’t do that right now but I opened a ticket to keep track of it:


      You can follow up on github for further update.


      • http://douglangille.ca/ Doug Langille

        Awesome. :)

  • Alasdair McAndrew

    Very nice theme! I like the fact the it’s a free theme with both masonry and infinite scroll. Is there a way to change the post thumbnail (of a featured image)? I don’t mind editing css files, but so far I haven’t been able to make a change which works. Thanks!

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

      The post thumbnail is only the featured image, there no way to change that using options.

      • Alasdair McAndrew

        Thanks! But can the post thumbnail size be changed by editing the functions.php file?

        • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

          Yes https://github.com/shprink/Shprink-One/blob/develop/functions.php#L349

          Once you have resized your images you will need to reprocess them using a plugin like “Regenerate Thumbnails”

          • Alasdair McAndrew

            Yes, I’ve tried changing line 348 to

            add_image_size(‘post-image-mansory’, 268, 134, true);

            and I’ve also experimented with the Post Thumbnail Editor and Regenerate Thumbnails plugins. But in my site (http://numbersandshapes.net), the thumbnail is still 268 x 268.

            By the way, is the word “mansory” a typo for “masonry” in line 348?

            Thanks very much!

          • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

            It should work, check out if you have some cache ON or not.

            And yes “mansory” is a typo.

          • Alasdair McAndrew

            Yep – I emptied my browser cache & re-loaded. Thanks for all your help!

  • Marie “Ayla” Olive

    J’aime beaucoup ce thème que je viens d’installer.
    J’ai deux petites questions sur la customisation du thème.
    Comment peut-on faire apparaître une taxonomie personnalisée sur l’extrait d’un article? (à la façon des tags de la page d’accueil)
    Et comment faire pour qu’un shortcode apparaisse dans l’extrait? Je propose des documents en téléchargements et je voudrais que le shortcode du lien du fichier apparaisse directement sans avoir à ouvrir l’article en pleine page (j’utilise le plugin Worpress Download Manager).

    Merci d’avance

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux


      premièrement je te conseil d’installer la dernière version https://github.com/shprink/Shprink-One/archive/develop.zip qui n’est pas encore disponible via WordPress.

      La liste des tags et catégories est deja disponible sur la page d’accueil pour chaque post via un tooltip.

      Apres pour tes liens de fichiers, cela dépend de ton plugin, je ne connais pas Worpress Download Manager, désolé.

      • Marie “Ayla” Olive

        J’ai installé cette nouvelle version et ça me met un léger bug graphique sur les nuages de mots-clés (les étiquettes se chevauchent, j’utilise le thème yeti, cf screen: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3AFZn7wqhjzRE9TVzQ1WGFkNEU/edit?usp=sharing ).

        J’ai bien remarqué que les tags s’affichent sur la page d’accueil et je voudrais faire la même chose avec une taxonomie personnalisée sur une autre page. Mais c’est peut-être pas possible.

        • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

          Shprinkone ne gère pas la taxonomie personnalise dsl.

  • http://www.wordpressfamily.com/ Tim Tom

    These are some of the best themes I have ever seen.

  • http://douglangille.ca/ Doug Langille

    Hi, Julien! Great theme! I’m trying out your unstable branch now. I have a couple requests if you think they’re worth considering:

    1. Optionally display the Caption field (if populated) for Featured Images on Post pages (for image attribution mainly)
    2. Be able to change the color of the slider.
    3. Be able to optionally turn off metadata stuff on Post pages (date, comments, etc)

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

      Thanks Doug,

      What is the main purpose of your #1 request? Do you have an example for me to check out?

      #2 is already possible using the CSS overwrite textarea. Use “container-slideshow” class.

      #3 is a good idea, I will add this as soon as the world cup ends :P

  • http://www.websparkler.com Don Ranil

    Hi Julien, is there way show, slide show section for specific category? can you suggest some code if possible please?

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

      Not possible right now but as many people ask for it, i will include it in the next release.

      • http://www.websparkler.com Don Ranil

        Its okay Julien, Thank you.

  • http://www.websparkler.com Don Ranil

    Hi Julien, Im using your theme for my deal aggregator website, http://www.offers-lk.com I made small modifications but not hardly damage your creation :) . Just visit my website and give me your thoughts. Cheers

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

      Good job Don,

      Though on mobiles the menu header (when expanded) does not have any background color.

      Good luck with your project,

  • Dejw

    Hello Julien ! I really like your theme and i apprecaite you work. I have one question. Is there any way to put post slider on category page which is showing posts in this category ?

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux


      The answer is no, but I really like the idea and I will add this on the next release (which already contains several enhancements)


  • http://www.websparkler.com Don Ranil

    Hi Julien, how can i disable temporally home page slide show?

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

      Just set to zero the number of posts displayed on the slideshow within the theme option (admin)

      • http://www.websparkler.com Don Ranil

        Thanks Julien.

  • Eddy Leung

    how to add a edit button under in the single.php ?

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

      Try this:

      <?php edit_post_link('Edit');?>

      I will add it in the next release.

  • Eddy Leung

    In orderto add a “edit” button in the single.php, I modified it as:

    row 27

    The “edit” text is displayed and the link works, but it’s location is under the “shprinkone_get_post_meta” instead of at the end of it.

    how to make it display at the same row?


  • Eddy Leung

    May I know how to modify the Default font size of the contents at mobile view?

    • Eddy Leung

      I solved it by using google.. XDD

      put the following to the custom CSS filed in theme setting page

      p {
      font-size: 18px;

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

      You can use media queries on the setting page:
      @media ( max-width : 767px) { font-size: 18px; }

  • Eddy Leung

    Anyone using Linkwithin plugin in ShprinkOne theme?

    My experience is that only text link displayed on desktop view while a broken image icon on mobile view.

    I see ShprinkOne theme has a specified template for YARPP, does it mean other related post plugins cannot be used?

  • http://www.hi5dating.com Dating

    I need to make col-xs act on a lower width than 728px or whatever it is now.
    Where is this tweak, please?

  • http://www.hi5dating.com Dating

    How to use Jquery sharrre plugin on grid.
    Does anybody know how I could be using jquery sharrre plugin when there are more articles on page?
    I would like to put a share under each box.

  • http://www.hi5dating.com Dating

    What slideshow is that included?
    I believe I’ve seen it before, but I can’t guess from the sources.

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

      Basic Bootstrap 3 caroussel.

  • Eddy Leung

    How to stick the menu bar at the top instead of floating during scrolling in mobile view?

    • http://www.hi5dating.com Dating

      put @media (max-width: 762px) {} in your CSS file and inside change the menu bar’s position from fixed to relative.

      • Eddy Leung

        I can’t locate the codes for the nav bar inside shprink one’s style.css

        Would you further explained the steps?

        • http://www.hi5dating.com Dating

          wp-content/themes/shprink-one/css/flaty.bootswatch.min.css – line 9

          CUT ALL THIS:
          .navbar-fixed-top, .navbar-fixed-bottom {
          border-width: 0 0 1px;
          left: 0;
          position: fixed;
          right: 0;


          wp-content/themes/shprink-one/style.css – lines 581 and 373
          padding-top: 70px;

          • Eddy Leung

            Your code works. Tks!

            but It leaves a blank 70px row between the admin bar and nav bar

          • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

            You guys rock! Thanks for your help @costisefu:disqus

          • http://www.hi5dating.com Dating

            maybe you didn’t delete all the “padding-top: 70px”. Search for more!

  • http://www.hi5dating.com Dating

    Featured posts are the first listed in home page and also in slideshow. How can I make the loop not list the featured posts first?

    It doesn’t make sense seing the articles twice.

    • http://www.hi5dating.com Dating

      nothing yet? I see there is a setting in the theme options that would filter posts that are already in the slideshow, but it doesn’t work !?

      • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

        Featured posts are ALWAYS displayed on slideshow AND post list for now. I add this in my backlog and will let you know when I release this feature but for now I suggest you use few featured posts.

        Sorry if it does not feet your requirements mate,

        • http://www.hi5dating.com Dating

          Then how could I make featured posts not being sticky on front page?

          • Eddy Leung

            Set the Slideshow Number of post to zero in THEME OPTIONS

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  • http://www.hi5dating.com Dating

    This is the greatest grid theme I found from almost 15 I tried, The most important is that it triggers the get new articles ajax at the right moment.

    I have an issue that the columns seem too wide a thing that would alter elegance and also makes fewer cells be visible vertically.

    I saw it uses masonry and I see the width of the columns can really be customized from flaty.bootswatch.min.css. But even if I make room for another column, it won’t work.

    Where can i fine tune the number of columns?

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

      The easiest way is to modify loop.php. Line 27 the Bootstrap grid sized are defined:
      post_class(‘col-sm-6 col-md-6 col-lg-4 box’)

      If you want 4 column on large screen change to post_class(‘col-sm-6 col-md-6 col-lg-3 box’).

      Let me know how it goes,

      • http://www.hi5dating.com Dating

        Thanks, that was it.

        • http://www.hi5dating.com Dating

          Done: this is the new bootstrap V3, I didn’t know. So col-sm, col-md, col-lg means width of column on small, medium and large screens. Total space, same as bootstrap V2 is 12, so col-sm-12 col-md-4 col-lg-3 means there will be 1 column on small screens, 3 on medium and 4 on large.

      • http://www.hi5dating.com Dating

        It works, but only on wider width. I have the website temporary put here: http://codeclubber.com/wp/
        You can see how it does.

  • http://ptcverified.blogspot.com PTCVerified

    Hello Julien, I just want to remove the author’s name and published date on the Posts section. Can you tell how to modify its code? I’m new to wordpress and php. I am referring to this http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_time. Thank you in advance.

  • Michael J Voorhees

    Hi Julien, I really like your theme. I am new to wordpress and I am wondering is there a way to remove the author and publish date from the posts and the front page? I have been looking around the web and for some reason none of the suggestions seem to work for me.

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

      Hi Michael,

      You can easily remove the home page: Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays
      For the rest there is no easy way (through options) but you can modify the code as you wish.


  • Ram

    Julien, thank you for this theme. It’s far more polished than many “professional” themes.

    Could I ask you if it’s possible to move the top menu one line down? The NGO I’m building a site for has a long name, which doesn’t leave much room for menus, that is why.

    • http://julienrenaux.fr/ Julien Renaux

      Thanks Ram,

      If you remove the search box don’t you have enough space? Also try to use two level menus to save space.

      If you style want to have two lines you should try something like that (Insert this code within a Text widget). The problem is that you will have to make sure that you make this modification on every media queries:

      width: 100%;
      padding-left: 0px;

      padding-top: 121px;

      Let me know ;)

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  • Guest

    thanks Julien..I don’t want to bother you but I have one more question; is there a way to use the theme without masonry layout? ..I mean normal wp blog layout..

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