If you are familiar with AngularJS development, you know that memory consumption is one of the highest challenge you must face using it.

Introducing angular-memory-stats


angular-memory-stats is a NPM package that allow you to follow the memory consumption of your AngularJS application.

Install via NPM

npm i angular-memory-stats --save

Include the AngularJS module to your application

angular.module('yourModule', [

Insert the directive in the dom


Enable/Disable angular-memory-stats

angular-memory-stats is enabled by default, if you wish to disable it use the angularMemoryStatsProvider Provider


Then all you need to do is to launch Chrome (only available on Chrome for now) with the --enable-precise-memory-info and --enable-memory-info flags

# Linux
google-chrome --enable-precise-memory-info --enable-memory-info

/Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google\ Chrome --enable-precise-memory-info --enable-memory-info

Open your application and you will have the following indicator on the bottom right corner of your browser:


Source available on Github