Today we had the chance to discover a Ionic2 presentation by @adamdbradley at AngularConnect London!

This presentation announces the alpha release of Ionic2 and shares the documentation on how to start building your own app with Ionic2.

As I got pretty excited I also created a boilerplate based on the cutePuppyPics starter kit by ionic team. My version is enhanced in many ways:

  1. removes gulp dependency (only webpack is needed and because you’re worth it ;)
  2. removes ionic-cli dependency (only cordova and webpack-dev-server are needed)
  3. removes dist files (only the sources are committed)

Running this boilerplate is as easy as running these two commands:

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Run the dev server
npm run devserver

Now open your browser on http://localhost:8080/ and enjoy Ionic2 :)

Demo (3mb, can be pretty slow to load..)

Source available on Github :