It all started on a cloudy day, for the first time since I was a dad, I had time to code for fun! I made my checklist:

I was ready to have fun!

After few hours I got really sick of React’s hooks (even though I use React since 2016), so I decided to play with Web Components and StencilJS instead.

Creating a new product

I wanted to create something small and fun that can be on production in few hours (yeah I am tired of side projects that never go to production…).

Knowing that Black Friday was really close I decided to create isitblackfridayyet, a product that tells you if it is Black Friday day or not 😂 (totally inspired by isitweekendyet).

The product should:

  • Work offline
  • Score 100 on lighthouse
  • Be built and deployed on Github Actions
  • Be hosted on Firebase
  • Tweet once a day if it is black friday or not as an image (that makes it more challenging than just text.). @isitblackfriday was created.

The journey

To explain the journey, I created three different posts that would help you follow step by step how I created isitblackfridayyet.

  1. Creating a Progressive Web App with StencilJS and Workbox
  2. Creating Cron based images with Firebase functions and Puppeteer
  3. Building and Deploying StencilJS apps with Github actions and Firebase hosting
  4. Enabling Dark mode

And to finish, code is of course open source