I have been asked to list everything I did for the AngularJS community over the years. Since 2013 I have been extensively involved in the AngularJS/Ionic communities writing blog posts on several platforms, creating Open Source projects or helping on technical channels.

This year with the creation of AngularJS Meetup Toulouse in my hometown, I want to push my involvement even further and give back as much as I can.

Here is an exhaustive list of my involvement in the AngularJS/Ionic communities:



22k unique visitor per month. Top 100k Alexa

  1. [TALK] Redux & Angular2
  2. Introduction to Redux and Angular2
  3. The 9 Most Common Mistakes That Ionic Developers Make
  4. [Slides] Cross platform applications with Ionic Framework
  5. Angular2 series – Routing
  6. Angular2 series – Component, Directive, Pipe and Service
  7. Angular2 series – Template Syntax
  8. Angular2 series – Tooling
  9. Angular2 series – Introduction
  10. Ionic2, Webpack and ECMAScript6 boilerplate
  11. Native transitions for Ionic Framework made easier
  12. Create a Mobile Application Using WordPress, Ionic, and AngularJS
  13. Ultimate AngularJS and Ionic performance cheat sheet
  14. Modular AngularJS and Ionic architecture: a first step towards AngularJS 2
  15. iOS / Android push notifications 100% free and self hosted for WordPress using Cordova and Ionic
  16. Creating an application with AngularJS 1.4, ECMAScript 6, Material Design and Webpack
  17. Creating an hybrid app in minutes with Ionic Framework
  18. AngularJs 1.x Open Source projects to follow in 2015
  19. AngularJS memory stats
  20. AngularJs, Browserify Polymer and Sass boilerplate
  21. Ionic Framework features you may have missed


  1. Top 9 Most Common Mistakes that Ionic Developers Make
  2. Ionic 2 vs. Ionic 1: Performance Gains, New Tools, and a Big Step Forward


  1. Create a Mobile Application Using WordPress, Ionic, and AngularJS


  1. WordPress Hybrid Client: WordPress Powered iOS/Android Apps


  1. A year using Ionic to build hybrid applications

Open Source

I contributed to Ionic or Angular Material as I could (fixing bugs or often creating tickets).

I spend most of my free time creating my own libraries that most of the time involve AngularJS:


Build amazing iOS and Android applications for your WordPress website for free!

600+ stars

Gitter Chat: 100+ persons



Native transitions (iOS & Android) for Ionic Framework

520+ stars



A simple AngularJS 1.4 boilerplate using ES6, material design and webpack

100+ stars



Just what’s necessary to build Angular2 apps with TS and Webpack nothing else!

100+ stars



WordPress WP-API(v2) services for AngularJs

90+ stars



Repo created for the TutsPlus article: Creating iOS/Android mobile applications for WordPress using Ionic SDK, Webpack, ES6 and WP-API

55+ stars



Ionic boilerplate to create cross platform apps (ios, android, mobile, web and desktop). Written in TypeScript and Powered by Webpack!

60+ stars



I recently created the AngularToulouse to gather the community in my hometown.

2016 is definitely the year of the talks for me with several talks already scheduled.


  1. S02E03: Ionic2 & AOT compilation
  2. S02E02: Building a robot app with NativeScript [IN ENGLISH]
  3. S02E01: Angular2: CLI, Dart et Redux
  4. S01E02: NgConf, TypeScript et GWT
  5. S01E01: Meetup: Introduction à Angular2

AngularJS & Beers

Barcelona, Spain

  1. Angular1 Ui Router vs Angular2 Router (WIP)

Cdmon.com formation

Barcelona, Spain

  1. AngularJS introduction
  2. AngularJS performance
  3. AngularJS architectures

GDG Angular México

Mexico city, Mexico

  1. Cross platform apps with ionic framework

The complete list of my talks can be found on https://julienrenaux.fr/talks/